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Q&A Interview with MagicBrad on the Minnesota Business EXPO Strategies for Exhibitors and Vendors

INTRODUCTION: BRAD MagicBrad GUDIM is co-owner of Synergy Event Marketing LLC, and is an Event Producer, Promoter and Digital Marketing Strategist. His background is in the business of meetings, conventions, and special events, and been in business since graduating Fridley High School in 1975.

Q: How did you get started in producing Trade Shows and EXPOs?

A: I’ve been involved in “events” most all my life. As a very young child I would convert our garage into Event Space, like a movie theater. I would block out the garage windows to darken the room, and hang a white bed sheet on the wall. Then I would charge the neighborhood kids a quarter to watch Super-8 Movies that I projected onto the bed sheet on the wall. I even had Kool-aid and cookies for sale as concessions. I also did Magic Shows in the garage with the same admission and concessions model. And being a magician is what got me into corporate events and tradeshows, and is why I created the Minnesota Event Planners EXPO back in 1990, which is held in March every year.

Q: So then, what’s the Minnesota “Business” EXPO all about?

A: The Minnesota Business EXPO is essentially a neutral meeting place for Business Professionals to meet, connect and DO business. We strive to make it an experiential environment that’s non-intimidating and fun, yet serious. It’s a hybrid blend of casual networking and “get things done” business.

Q: What types of businesses exhibit at the Minnesota Business EXPO?

A: We attract a wide-array of business services from the basic essentials to current new technologies. The spectrum includes, and is not limited to; Accounting / Bookkeeping, Apps and Software, Banking and Loans, Breakroom Supplies, Business Coaches, CRM Systems, Computer Equipment, Consultants, Credit Bureaus, Credit Cards, Design Services, e-Commerce, Email Marketing, Employee Incentives, Financial Services, Funding, Furniture, Health Insurance, Hotels, Human Resources, IT Services, Insurance, Legal Services, Mailing Services, Marketing Services, Merchant Services, Office Equipment, Office Supplies, POS Systems, Payroll, Phone Systems, Printing Services, Public Relations, SEO, SMO, Software, Staffing, Tax Planning, Telecom Services, Teleconferencing, Trade Show Displays, Transcription Services, Translation, Transportation, Web Design & Development, Web Hosting & Domains, and MORE!

Q: What types of business ATTEND this expo?

A: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, C-Level Executives and Upper Level Managers

Q: How are exhibitors assured they will meet decision makers that are a fit for their business?

A: We have a UNIQUE APPROACH. Rather than using a broadcast shotgun approach, we provide a “Synergy Service” that is applied to each individual exhibitor, as soon as they register and invest in their exhibit space.

Q: Why do you feel your approach is unique?

A: When most marketers are looking for the big numbers of clicks, likes, and followers… we’re looking for smiles, handshakes and hugs. Which might seem a little corny, but what we feel people really want is human connection again. OUR goal is to move people off the internet and back into a real-life human environment. Real people meeting real people.

Our unique “Synergy Service” for each individual exhibitor, is an execution of a strategic online marketing campaign directed toward the ideal prospects for their specific business. We take the time to research each of our vendors products and services to determine the ideal audience for them. We then target their ideal audience through Blogging, Digital ADs, Social Media Posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and mentions in our newsletters etc. This approach increases the overall attendance at the expo, and also increases the probability of our exhibitors meeting their ideal prospects the day of the event and, who knows… they might get business before the expo date!

As soon as a new exhibitor invests in exhibit space, we start building a digital advertising and marketing campaign focused on that specific vendors exhibit space and participation in the Minnesota Business EXPO.

Q: How do people find out more about the event?

A: Well, of course, the event has a physical location and an online digital website presence as well. That website is

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