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People meeting people. Face to face, and in-person. The Marketing EXPO is a neutral playing field for businesses that supply marketing tools and resources (exhibitors) to offer their products and services directly to the Business Owners and Marketing Managers (attendees) that are looking for solutions.


Over $10 Million is spent daily, on marketing of small businesses and corporations in the Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) markets. Over $13 Billion was spent on website promotion alone! On average, companies spend over 31% of their total revenues on advertising. 47% of executives believe event marketing is vital to success. 35% of executives anticipate an increase in marketing budgets. Business must promote to survive. To stay in operation tomorrow, they must be marketing today!

This is the business event, for the business of marketing!



Exhibiting at a live event is among the most cost effective methods of marketing. Our expos give you the ability to meet people face to face, and talk eye to eye, which trims the selling process down significantly.


Unlike print, broadcast or even online media, with a live expo, you are in control and have the ability to ask the right questions to qualify your leads immediately. You can adjust your message and image in real-time. Exhibiting also allows you to interact with all the senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and even smell. Exhibiting at our expos is very powerful.


  • Meet new customers and colleagues

  • Reconnect with past customers

  • Generate new leads of qualified


  • Demonstrate your latest products and services to a targeted audience

  • Create and build brand awareness

  • Launch and promote products

  • Inform and educate prospects

  • Increase exposure

  • Research your market

  • Collect qualified leads

  • Generate sales

  • Commercial project opportunities

  • Generate media coverage

  • Bond customer relationships

Who will I reach?

You will meet decision makers. The majority of attendees are Business Owners and Marketing Managers of small to mid-sized companies that are looking for solutions. Additionally, there will be C-Level Executives from the areas larger corporations.




FACT: 83% of all visitors to an expo have the authority to purchase or are a decisive influence in the purchasing decision.

STAT: 72% of expo visitors intend to make a purchase either immediately or in the near future.

FACT: About 71% of visitors spend a half-day or more at an expo to review products and services and make purchases.

STAT: 23% of visitors spend multiple days at a trade show.


FACT: 54% of visitors come specifically to see new products and services.

STAT: More than 46% of people planning to visit an expo made the decision to attend more than 2 weeks before the show.


FACT: The top 4 reasons for attending are:

1. 54% to keep up to date with available products & services

2. 48% for information and education

3. 40% to keep up-to-date with new technology

4. 15% to make business contacts

Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 12:30 - 16:30 


Who should

If you do business, you should be at The Minnesota Marketing EXPO. Keeping up to speed with rapidly changing technologies is essential.



• Advertising Agencies
• Public Relations Agencies
• Speakers, Authors and Consultants
• Fulfillment
• Outdoor Advertising 

• Interactive Kiosks
• Direct Mailers
• Printing Companies
• Envelope Companies
• Telemarketing
• Marketing Companies
• Tradeshow Displays
• Signs & Banners
• Ad Specialties
• Copy Writers
• Website Design
• E-Commerce
• Card Decks
• Catalogs
• Door Hangers
• POP Displays
• Software
• Television, Radio
• Infomercial Producers
• Business Lead Generation
• E-mail Marketing
• Market Research
• Mailing List Brokers
• Mailing Houses
• Graphic Designers
• CD-ROM Business Cards
• Blimp Advertising
• And MORE!



Let's get talking! 

We take a synergistic approach, collaborating and cooperating with multiple select organizations and networks, both conventional and online, which compliment, leverage and multiply
each of our individual agendas.


Our targeted marketing campaigns will ensure that the greatest number of high-quality attendees visit the event.  Also our diversified strategies promote, market and advertise to a wider variety of
specifically targeted markets.

We cover the gamut and spectrum of corporate, mid-size and small business, independent contractors, lean start-ups, venture capitalists, investors and the plethora of new technologies and innovative ideas that creatives are introducing repetitively and consistently.

Strategic Partnerships

We’ve built relationships with various networks, industry associations and promotional partners to assure we attract a wide array of quality prospects for you to convert into your customer! We work in synergy with these partners using internet marketing technologies, and social media streams to maximize the quality attendance of the event. To assure an audience of qualified buyers (Event Industry Professionals), all sponsors, strategic partners and exhibitors are equipped with information and tools to assist in the co-promotion of the event.

Internet Marketing

This event, as well as all our events, are listed on hundreds of online event directories and websites with keywords that are optimized for targeted search. We are constantly, blogging, posting and re-posting information about our featured exhibitors, sponsors, activities and attractions, building a dynamic on-going stream of information. We also have our in-house database of warm quality contacts that have opted-in to receive updates on these events.

Social Media Networking 

We have multiple social media streams and online networking groups both internal and external, all cross-pollinating each other, and directed back to the focal “event site”, that captures the interested contacts 24/7/365. We also promote a variety of business related events which supplies our database with an on-going spectrum of contacts from a wide array of industries.

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