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Strategic Alliances

Becoming a sponsor for The Event Planners and Suppliers Expo is a sure way to get that added exposure required to take your business to the next level! As a sponsor, your company will gain strategic exposure, both online and LIVE to Minnesota Event Industry Professionals and Twin Cities business executives.

A Few Ideas...

  • Sponsor the Concession Stand

  • Sponsor the Name Badges

  • Sponsor Online Registrations

  • Sponsor a Door Prize

  • Sponsor the Volunteer Team

  • Sponsor Pre-Show Printing

  • Sponsor Pre-Event Promotions


If you are interested in exploring a sponsorship strategy with the Event Expo or our other events and marketing programs, please call and let's talk!

BRAD MagicBrad GUDIM at 612-242-6468

Get Expo UpDates!

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